Intake is not able to pick up the yellow discs please help

Having a problem with the intake(red motor cartridge) it’s not able to collect properly without help. The floating intake also seems to be a bit unreliable(it’s from the disco bot) please tell me what I might be doing wrong and what I can do to fix it.

Firstly, add a c channel across both sides of the floating intake. Second, try and add some rubberbands pulling the intake down.

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You need two things:

First, a cross brace on your floating intake so it doesn’t twist when a wheel touches a disc.

Second, you need rubber bands to hold the floating intake down so it is exerting some pressure on the disc rather than just touching it.

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it looks like the bottom of your intake has to much of a lip causing the disc tonot come up properly. i would fix that and then i would add nbands pulling the intake down to have tension on teh disc. i would also speed up the intake.

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What do you mean by a lip?

Tommy Osborne is probably referencing the height difference between the poly carb bottom part and the metal ramp. Try reducing the height difference.


The bottom edge of your intake is too high off the ground which prevents discs from easily getting pulled in

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Be careful with testing off of the field. Often a gap will look significantly higher on the wooden build tables we have than on the field. Because the field tiles are foam, the weight of the robot will cause the lip to be lower, ranging from about 1/8th of an inch to a 1/4th of an inch on heavier robots. This also depends on how many wheels you have and your mass distribution, but to summarize, test on the field or a spare tile if you have some. Also, cross bracing and spring tension (rather than just gravity) will help a lot.


Also, try to use a blue cartridge, or a green one if you don’t have any green. Red is only 100 rpm, which is far too slow

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