Intake Issue (please help!)

Hi everyone,

We are trying to create an intake system for our bot and are relatively new to vex. We’ve attached both sides of the intake in the same way, but we are unsure as to why one of the sides is not running. Any feedback would be appreciated!

Thank you!

Your issue appears to be friction. Your intake channels are poorly connected, with only a few loose standoffs between them, allowing the channels to flop around and become misaligned. Additionally, you appear not to have any bearing flats (round black parts with 3 holes) around the shafts. These should go where a shaft passes through metal, in order to stop your shaft from grinding around in the square metal hole. You should add bearing flats and either use more, tighter standoffs to connect the channels, or use c-channel.


flex wheels migh be better insteaed of traction

One reason it might not be working is if your code is not telling it to run. Could you send pics of your code?


Check to make sure that your axle is fully in the motor, or if you have it plugged into the right port. Also please please use bearing flats on both sides of your axels, it will make the friction and in turn motor load significantly easier, and it’ll also help reduce damage to your parts.

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Can you spin both sides by hand? Looks like the rubber bands might be rubbing against the standoff, and the motor can’t overcome the friction.