Intake issue

So I have been wondering what I should do about a problem with my intake. When I intake, the balls just kinda buffer in my storage, and I have to intake another ball to fully load them. Any suggestions?

Here are the videos

I think you will just have to extend your intake, as it can’t reach far enough to push it up. It might also work better if you increase the speed.

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Could you put a little pusher between where they get stuck which pokes the balls diagonally up-towards the catapult load? Like a motor, or a rubberband. Or alternatively, make the intake slightly higher, so instead of getting stuck, it rolls down with gravity onto the catapult load.


There are two main things you can do to fix this.

First, as was said, you can make your intake higher, probably by adding a second roller.

Second, you can make your catapult lower. I don’t know if it was obvious in my videos, but the catapult is significantly lower than the top of the “wall” at the back of the intake. This makes it so that once the balls get over the top of the “wall”, they are immediately loaded into the catapult, and don’t get stuck.

Additionally, if you have long axles, I would suggest making your intake not split down the middle because it gives you much more leeway when you are driving, and it lets you intake a ball from the middle.


We really wanted to leave that split down the middle out, but we found when we intakes a ball from the middle it would get stuck in between the two ball slots on the catapults. Any suggestions? I also noticed your bot can just intake balls on one side of the intake and they get somewhat automatically sorted. How did you do that as well?

How I solved this problem is I put a little 1x beam that sticks up two holes in the middle, and this directs the ball to one of the sides. You can also play with different pins in it to make it more effective.


The secret is in that I usually do cycles of 4 balls. What I mean is that if there is one loaded, and a second one comes up the same side, it can be difficult to get it over to the other side of the intake (my robot still has a hard time with that). But let’s say a third ball comes up on that same side. With a a few strategic guards on the side, you can make one of the balls slide over to the other side and get loaded into the catapult. It’s the same deal with the fourth one, so it doesn’t matter where it comes up. It definitely takes a lot of trial and error, but it can work very well when you get it right.


So tried I lengthening the catapult but it just messed with the accuracy too much to be of use. Then I tried raising the “wall” but that did not work, and by adding a second roller, I can only intake 2 balls without it jamming. Any more suggestions?

I am also starting to have a problem with this happening

I spent a fair amount of time trying to figure out the best solution to this problem. I’m not going to give you all the answers, but I found that not giving the balls anything to get stuck on helps a lot (i.e. not having anything that the balls can touch when they are “bubbling” at the top).


Hey, I just noticed that your bots catapult loads significantly lower than mine. I honestly bet that that is my solution to my problem!

I would venture to guess that you are right. Personally, I have found that loading it lower will very effectively fix that problem.