Intake issues


I have a wired issue with my intake where after three blocks the intake on the left (in the photo) would always rip the bottom cube out and take it our of the tray
It would do that before taking it our of the stack

Any ideas on how to fix it?
Thanks in advance

Make sure your intakes are spaced equally with the tray in the center. If the tray or intakes are offset, one of the intakes can pull the cube to the side.

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I’ll try that

maybe you could add some plastic guides right above the intake. this would align your cubes before you stacked.
good luck! :smiley:

A C channel tray fixes this mostly but it doesn’t fold as well

It could be the flaps, see how the flaps are plentiful on the left whereas the right does not have as much? This can potentially cause the left side to intake the cube “better” than the right, causing the imbalance. The reason why it doesn’t happen for the first two if probably because of the intakes not having pressure on them, making them function fine. At three though, the intakes will flex our ever so slightly, maki g the extra left side flaps grip the cube better than the right does. I may be wrong, but try it out; let me know the results!

Thanks for the recommendation,but unfortunately after I tested it that wasn’t the case

Our team had the same problem. I’ve seen teams add polycarbonate to the bottom part of the tray. Personally we added some c-channels and standoffs to the side of our intake to help align cubes.

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I don’t think that the cube shifting on the tray is the problem; rather, I believe that the problem is that the intakes lift the cube up above the other cubes. Please correct me if I am wrong.

That is correct the intake does lift up the bottem cube above the other cubes

Is the angle of the intake steeper than the tray?

No the tray is steeper than the intake

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