Intake kit and how to

I was looking at trying to understand and learn how to build using the Intake kit. It doesn’t necessarily have to be specific to using it for this years challenge, Just looking for an understanding of how things are all put together and work so I can teach the kids the same thing. I’ve searched all around and haven’t found any sample builds, was curious if there might be something out there, either a pdf or in-depth tutorial.

Also, I have purchased one Tank Tread/Intake Kit, seeing if that’s usually enough or if you need to have at least two kits? ( I assume the constraint with one kit is needing more Tank tread)

The intake kit operates like a scoop mechanism. You will use the sprockets that come with it to build something like a bicycle chain. One sprocket at one end, and the other sprocket connected a a shaft driven by a motor. You will chain the tank treads to the sprockets. Attach the flaps to the tank treads. You can use any of the sizes. You can also attach other pieces to the tank treads instead of the flaps if you like.

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You are building a conveyor belt for the item to move along. You are going to use the flaps to help grab the object. The flaps come in different sizes so you can adjust to the object.

For the balls you would space the flaps just over 3" apart so there would be a flap at either side of the ball to hold it.

Sometimes you use two of the conveyor belts in a face to face fashion to help pull.

If you are going to do the face to face (flap to flap) it’s important to keep the two belts synchronized. You want to keep the gaps together so both sides of the object can be gripped.

Sometimes the conveyor will face a flat strip that keeps the object from popping out. Or can be in a channel to hold the object from the sides as it move.

The plain chain links can be used to help add spacing, so you could do:
Tall Flap, chain, chain, med flap, chain, chain, little nub, chain, chain, med flap, chain, chain, tall flap, chain, (repeat). This give you a U shape that can hold the object.

If you google vexiq bank shot conveyor, then click images you can see some uses.

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Thanks everyone for the input!

if u are building a sa intake with chain use the old next level scoreing zone thingies @FlyingRobot2917X sugested this and i have personally used it and it works great

1 Like can also use sprockets and rubber bands to intake balls and such:

shot @Avonderweidt, if any of you guys are really stuck PM me and i can give you guys a hand

wait what did i just get sighed up for??
jk id love 2 help

@mizdared This article from our Knowledge Base may also help:


What is an sa intake?

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for all who dont know SA means squared away

Oh - lol. I thought you were referring to a specific type of lift. Thanks for the clarification.

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no problem @alb4h

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I have stack of teams that are doing intakes and the ever popular "keeping the belt tight has come up.

  1. you can’t cantilever the belt system. It has got to be supported on both sides of the sprocket.

  2. Look at using the spring shock as your tension system. Fix one end, put the body between two 1x2 pins or standoffs and let the other end ride in the center of the track (or use a small sprocket) The spring keeps the tension tight, but as balls get grabbed it can push in and out.


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