Intake Locking Mechanisms?

Hi there, I was just curious what everyone had designed/built for locking mechanisms for the intake on throwing bots (Slip Gear)?

We are currently having problems finding a solution for having the robot starting within the 18x18x18, and then having the intake fold down (Most likely with rubber bands,) and lock in place upon getting at the precise ground position.

If you have any ideas or suggestions, we, 5689A, would really appreciate it if you threw some ideas (no puns intended) our way!

Thank you from 5689A Ares Ballistics!
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Check it the ri3d bot on YouTube.

Just have bands hold the intake in position a lock is not required.

Thats what we are doing, is just using rubber bands to hold it open.

i like 8059d locking mechanism

Check out this locking mechanism. There is a gif on there thread.

Simplistic but genius! Thank you so much!

We used two rubber bands in a triangle type formation. It works very well but, there might be a better way to do it. 8059D has a great idea if you can build it correctly. We built it and it worked well but we didn’t have enough room for it.

Simple two bar locking mechanism
Similar to rbi3 latch

I believe this is the gif mentioned.

We decided, since they currently serve no purpose, to use pneumatics to hold our lift down as well as be able to fold down and up at will.

Ratchet and pawl attached to your gears might work - if you have any.