Intake mechanism Question/Advice

I qualified for worlds, which was 2 months away at the time, now its more like 1. I’m from Las Vegas, team 6891Z.

Because it was 2 months away, naturally I did a redesign to the intake and added an indexer mechanism. I was recently informed that this new mechanism breaks the rules, because when it’s intaking a disk, the intake sort of pivots in order to accommodate the disk taking a vertical upturn, but in doing so expands out of the 18 inch cube temporarily. I didn’t know this was against the rules, but having a vertical intake was the only way to get in the 18 by 18 while fitting an indexer at least while sitting still.

I either need a better way for the intake to be able to handle a disk in that manner, or a super compact indexer that feeds into vertical flywheels, and I’m fresh out of ideas. Here’s a picture of the indexer and intake so you can better know the problem.


Looks like your intake path is very bad right now. What I would suggest is to get rid of that pusher indexer, and use a flex wheel indexer. A flex wheel could be placed on the underside of the disks, and with some compression from the top you can have a fast fire rate. I would also suggest a fundamental change in your building technique. You are building with plates, 5 wides, etc. All of these could be plastic reinforced by a simple 1x1 L channel or similar.


you could either remake the drive train to be smaller, or move the indexer back just enough that it doesnt expand past the 18 inch boundaries. I would suggest rebuilding the drive train, since you dont really want mechanum wheels, especially in a game where defensive robots are more prevalent. make it slightly shorter, and use different wheels probably.

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One thing you could do, is switch to a wheel indexer it’s not hard to build and it works really well for rapid fire. It is much more compact, you basically just slap a flex wheel on the flywheel so that just the top of the wheel makes contact with the disc

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Instead of floating the intake up, you can also band the ramp up so that discs can temporarily push part of the ramp down.

Honestly the metal on the path to the flywheel is too steep it is probably slowing down how fast the disks go

Steep intake is fine, you just have to build it well. Look at 3324B, they have a perpendicular ramp.

I would suggest not making your whole ramp pivot, that doesn’t seem like a good plan.

I would change your big metal intake and switch it to some Lexan, and then look at 515R’s MOA robot, as they have a similar intake.


To be fair, it’s not a particularly robust idea. But it can work.