Intake motor speed

So we were recently allianced with 7k for eliminations, and I noticed that they had a 200 rpm intaking cubes onto the tray. Originally we had 200 rpms, but after the fifth cube our motors don’t have enough torque to actually push more cubes. Do any of you guys have any tips to keep the 200rpm cartridge but still have the ability to stack at least 9 cubes?

Adding compression between the rollers will help allow it to pick up more cubes but will allow the rollers to die quicker. Another thing is that having your tray angle lower will reduce the stress on the motors.


Just make your tilter more compact and make the tray angle a lot lower. Putting standoffs on the side of the rollers to increase compression can help.

Are the flaps hitting or catching on anything?

we have a crap ton a pressure, probably too much, but our new iteration probably will address that

No, they aren’t,

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Don’t we want like a 45 degree angle on the tray, as that is the best angle??? In a previous post I don’t actually know. Right now our robot works fine, but the 100rpm is a bottleneck for how fast we can do auton,

the lower the angle the less stress it is on your rollers so you can easily switch to 200 rpm if you make your tray lower. 45 degrees isn’t the best, lower is better.

45 is fine if you have compression

yes, but if they are struggling to get a 5th cube in on 200 rpm, it’s probably easier to make the tray lower and increase compression a little only if they have to. You should also make sure the sprockets are 18t or 24t on 200rpm.


45 lets your first stage be the longest if that is what u are referring to

We are struggling to get the fifth cube in terms of the motor stopping, not not having enough compression. With our 100rpm we can easily get 10 cubes.

Do you have pictures or videos of your robot in action?

We have a post on instagram, on redhawks_vrc_robotics, but i can try to add one.

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Did you mean to post the other stuff?

You can edit posts. If it was an accident you’re prolly good.

yea i can do text, but not pictures

Two 200 rpm motors with 18T sprockets will be able to collect 10 or more cubes into 45 deg tilter.
It is important to have arms that could move in and out and are rubberbanded.
If you have too few of the flaps it will decrease effectiveness of the intake.

So how many flaps should the intake rollers have

Can you elaborate please? We are newbies and so far we have participated in three local competitions. We have one last competition and one last chance to qualify, so we are rebuilding many parts of our robot. One problem we have is intake compression and the actual arms positioning.