Intake Pre-load Off Tile (General Question for Community)

Hey guys. I wanted to make sure this is legal.

We have our preload sitting on our tile. We go do other things, then come back to the tile. If our robot is following all the rules (i.e, not touching the bump) would I be able to intake the pre-load sitting on the tile?

The robot would be on the gray tile and the starting tile when I’m moving it to intake the pre-load. Is this legal?

I can’t find on the rules where it is illegal, but I wanted to make sure before tomorrow. Let me know if you need more description. Thanks

I’ve done this before, I haven’t had any problems with it with the refs. Although I would still be sure that your robot is following all the rules and whatnot.

Do you mean that you manually put the ball in the robot? Or you move the robot by hand to intake it?

We would move the robot by hand to intake it. The robot would be intaking and we would position the intake towards the buckyball so it would be intake it.

Please quote any rule that would not allow this.

I saw this at a recent competition and the refs never said anything about it, so I believe that it would be legal.

However, I would still check with the refs before each match because there are some refs that are more lenient about the rules than others.

I was head ref at a tournament back in November, and here’s what I would say:

"Please familiarize yourself with SG4, specifically the bolded parts below:


" implies that the robot may not interact with game objects until after legal interaction (you touching your robot).

" states that you may not intentionally use your contact with the robot to interact with game objects.

“Therefore, it is illegal to do the action you have described. The consequence for this action could be a disqualification if it affects the outcome of the match, as determined by the head referee.”

Hope that helps!