Intake problem with cubes

when cubes are taken in they go back how can i fix this ?

You won’t get any helpful feedback or fixes if you don’t give any substantial amount of description or pictures of your problem.

how can i send photos

When you click reply at the bottom of the thread, there is a button to upload media.




Alright, can you describe your problem more?? The pictures can also go in one post by the way.

Ok I can think of a few things that could help so far; first, flip your intake motors around so they aren’t sticking out over the ends of the intakes, second, use white spacers on the intake joints with bearing flats so they have less slop, third, everything that pivots needs a bearing flat, otherwise your mechanisms will have a massive amount of friction and will wear through metal. Another thing you can do is add pegs by the sides of your arms near the intakes to hold the arms in when they intake so you increase compression.


You should also watch this:

And add bracing between your robot’s arms. 20200221_204250