Intake problem

Which one is better, a lock mechanism like goofy has for its arms or a hinge system? The robot that we have is 18" from the back of the robot and the front of the trey. Would it be a problem if the intake was on top of the tray and not the front of the tray?

Could you elaborate on a hinge system? Also, if you want to intake, they have to be able to grab cubes onto the tray (yea it has to be in front of and near the ground)

A hinge system is where you have the chain and sprokets (the rollers) and you put a a hinge to attach it to the arm. Then when ever the tray goes forward, the rollers hinge out/get out of the way. There are also rubber bands that keep the tension.

How far in front of the robot does the intake have to be?

  1. Ok, so like 1961z

  2. Enough to succ them up at a nice angle to your tray, and contact the mid to mile-high of the cube

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