Intake Roller Drive

Is it possible to make a bot driven by intake rollers, i.e. as wheels? And how is traction/speed.

the answer is, probably yeah.

Traction would probably be extremely high, depending on how many intake rollers you use. Speed would be quite low.

I was thinking of 10 in total (5 on each side), and may attach a gear cannon (2 intake rollers geared for speed, shoots medium gears)

Somebody has too many medium gears on their hands :smiley:

I’ll add intake rollers to my traction study, though.
Should be interesting to see how they compare…

  • Dean

Safety Goggles! :smiley:

it sounds like a good idea

but what about turning? rubber doesn’t slide sideways

It sounds like a cool idea, but i only have 2 intake rollers.

You know what would be really cool is if you could somehow build a unit that comes down with intake rollers and other high traction things that will aid the robot in climbing high inclines.

All I can say is it will be a bouncy bot.

Depending on how heavy the robot is traction will be affected, if the robot is heavier it will bend the intake roller flat against the ground and that will result in a crap load of traction. If it is a really light robot and it just sits on the tips of the intake rollers than it will probably be a bouncy ride with little traction!

how is that test going? when are the results going to be up? and the medium gears are from lots of old bots…

I’m waiting on some stuff I’ve ordered, and got delayed by catching a cold, but I am making progress. I hope to have some of the first results showing up after next weekend.


  • Dean

Depending on the way you place the wheels (intake rollers) you could have it so that it is not bumpy at all. i.e each roller is turned at a little diffrent angle than the last one. with enough intake rollers it would be a smooth ride (if anyone sees any problems with this please let me know, i just thought this up and have not tested it yet).