Intake Rollers Not Working

HI! We are a new team, 7686B, and we can’t seem to find a way to make our intake push more than 5 cubes up our tray. We have tried increasing the diameter of the back rollers to increase compression, but that made it not have enough torque. We are thinking on making more flaps on our intake chain, would that help? Pictures on instagram 7686B_Vex. Thanks!

Not sure if it’ll work, but you might as well try using hi-traction wheels.

And then chain them together or just a traction wheel

One traction wheel or two (per side that is) might work. I’m not actually building a tray myself so I have no idea how effective these methods are.

@4610H-Allen wheels arent the best plan. 448X had an issue with this in their ri3d. They ended up going with two different size sprockets with flaps. This might help. Also, getting the locking mechanism down, torque motors, and compactness to the tray would help.

My team had the same issue, then we spread out the flaps more, and it seemed to work well. I would try to compress the intakes more, or make the front gears bigger.

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Yeah don’t use wheels for your intake, it’s a bad idea. Maybe try adding a little bit more compression or try to make the tray at a less steep angle. Other than those solutions, its really trial and error.

448x tried it. didn’t work

I told one of your other teammates to set the maxTorque in vexcode to the maximum setting. I dont see anything else that would stop you from pushing cubes up

First off wheels are crap let’s just get that straight. Do not use that. You would need to tune the compression to the right cube holding. But make sure you get a little spring that goes back into it not were, for example, a wheel would not move. Second, you do not need too many flaps as it will soon be useless. What I would do Is make place flaps were a cube can fit between so you can pull it up. And if you lose power try high power motors and if you flaps slip try adding multiple lined up like two. Make sure you have the arm that holds that secure if you have an arm. You can box the metal so it doesn’t bend and if you dont it can cause long term damage or even structural failure.

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Tbh, wheels arent that terrible of an idea, it’s just that they are more complex to use and have no advantage over a chain roller. Omnis might help with releasing but that’s about it.

Wheels have overall less grip and accept a lower margin of error which makes intaking cubes in different orientations difficult.


Wheels should however offer better stability and be easier to mount than intake rollers, when placed in the correct position. I’ve had a similar issue with the cubes not channelling up the tray, perhaps try changing the angle of the rollers?

That would be compensated for by having more wheels, but that just makes it too complex. A set of 2 wheels would work ok, too. I tried it, and they’re ok. Not good, not bad, just sort of meh.

wheels don’t really make a big impact on the design in my opinion. Tread rollers with sprockets work better and increase compression so the cubes can go up faster. Flaps may or may not make a big difference, but you can try sprockets that gear to torque. Hopefully it works!


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