Intake Rollers

What is the purpose of the intake roller? What could it be used for?

**The Vex intake roller is designed to act as a frictional roller. This could be used for an intake on a robot mechanism, such as a mechanism to pick up ping pong balls.

The parts in the Vex kit are designed for versatile usage in a variety of applications. You can use it for whatever you can dream up.**

I need additional intake rollers but can’t find them on the VexLabs or RadioShack web sites. Are additional intake rollers available for purchase?

**Additional Vex intake rollers are available in the Vex Wheel Accessory Kit. Two (2) Rollers are available per kit.

Also, the intake rollers are available for purchase here:**

Intake Rollers are now available in (8) packs as well for $12.99

Updated Link: