Intake shooting cube out of the side

I have problems intaking consistently as after 2 or 3 cubes our intake decides to shoot our bottom cube out of the left side, and always the left. We use a 4 tray bot on a 45-50 degrees angle with roller intakes on hinges. Our rollers have medium flaps on with 24 tooth to 18 tooth sprockets. We have added lexan borders on the tray and it just ended up making our intake shoot the cube out of the top. I have experimented with the intake angle, bringing it closer inwards to the robot, raising it higher from the tray, and making it parallel with the tray. Have also double checked spacing and tightness of screws, nuts, etc.

I have found a trick to this where I need to half intake a cube so I can intake the next otherwise it shoots it out, but this eats time and has cost me matches because I wasn’t able to intake fast enough.

If anybody else has solved this problem with their robot, how did you do it? (Also please don’t ask for pictures because we are not allowed to share them)

Glad to see some one has the same problem I did lol. I’d be happy to see a better solution but I just set up walls on the tray.

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The combination of walls and also making sure your tray angle isn’t too high in order to prevent the cubes from shooting out the top should help. Also adding wings to your intakes to help the cubes stay straight should also help.


I had this issue too. I realized that the cube tray was not straight, and it was leaning to the left. Try straightening your cube tray.

I was having this issue as well. What solved it for me was changing the roller shape. Due to the way I had put the flaps, the rollers were oval. When 3-3 cubes went up, the rollers would he out if sync, and would throw the cubes due to the shape.

What do you mean wings to your intakes?

Our Team had a similar situation earlier, we fixed it by increasing the height of the wall of tray, it will make cubes harder to fall out

Something like this. These are from 7K and they are mounted on the intakes instead of the tray. They are like walls for your intakes. 7k wings

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I have little intake wings as well, and they also help stop cube jamming. Just make sure they dont collide with the tray

Thanks, after adding these wings my intake works like a charm.

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