Intake Spocket Size

What is the best sprocket size for the intake? I’ve seen many teams with the two sets of 24T sprockets, teams with two full sets of 18T, and teams with a mix of 24T and 18T. I would like to hear everyone’s opinions and reasoning.

Really it depends on how far out your intakes are and how much compression do you want on the intakes holding and grabbing cubes. We are using 18 tooth and they work fine. But if your arms are far away or you want more grabbing power try 24 or mix them up. It just depends on the robot.

I have tried just about every sprocket size combination and I have found that for me 2 inline 24T sprockets provides the best speed but but does not funnel the cubes into the tray as well as I would like. Right now i use an 18t in the front and a 24T in the back. This is decently fast but also funnels cubes very well and keeps them straight. i am interested in offsetting the first 24T in order to find a balance between speed, compression, and funneling.

I have heard that with 24t sprockets, 10 is the max you can get. I am currently using 24t sprockets and I can get 10, but I am debating switching to 18t for more cubes.

maybe if you use 200 rpm motors…large sprockets with 100rpm motors work, maybe not as fast, but still competitive.

Not sure where you heard this. We have used 24T in the past and have able to intake up to 14 during tests.

with 200 rpm motors?

yep. Its all about the compression balance. Mind you the motors did not like this and they would not be able to do multiple stacks.

With a 45 degree tray the practical max for 24t intakes is about 10-11.
If you have a shallower tray you can do a little more.

How did you do this?
You had an 18hole across brace right?
The max I can get with a 50 degree angle tray is 10 or 11

Something like that. I have an almost perfect 45-degree tray (46.2 yes I did the trig) and several robust arm braces and intake locks. My tip to anyone for intakes is that it matters little what your intakes are made of. Where it counts is in the arms, joints, and intakes. you want them as rigid as possible. It is possible to intake large amounts of cubes but you need to have really good compression. you also can’t have too much compression either. This will cause the motors to burn out very quickly. learned that one the hard way.


What do you suggest to hinged intake peeps?

Can’t help you there. My suggestion would be locks mounted to something other than the arms, like the drive or tray, that the intakes would move out of during stacking but I honestly don’t know.

We ran 24t in back, and 18 In the front, but we couldn’t get enough torque and that to switch to 18-18 whick works great.

I would not try the 30+ tooth sprockets as my team found this made our intake too wide to stack in the unprotected zone. I would use the smallest you can get away with and follow the other tips people have posted about intakes. I would use the 6t sprockets except i cant get it close enough