intake stability

So we need to make our intake more stable

That is pretty vague could you specify what kind of intake and what specifically needs to become more stable? A picture would help a lot.

Well not just intake stability but just an idea of a vex nothing but net, intake.

It looks like you already made a thread for this here.

Oh yeah but I needed a new one cause there where absolutely no pictures.

There are pictures in that thread.

Thanks but not really what we are looking for

You can request pictures from users on the same thread if the issue pertains to the same subject. In this case, it does, as it still pertains to your intake. Collin left some intake pictures in the thread as well, as Samuel mentioned, and I left a sketch for a simple intake.

I don’t want to outright give you answers because then you wouldn’t learn but I’ll for sure help you. You can choose between either a top roller and side rollers. I’ve seen advantages in both types. What are the goals you want to achieve with your intake?