Intake System Discussion (Excluding Claw)

Has anyone been having plans with an intake system other than a claw? What are your ideas then? I’d like to create this forum to try to use our creativity to unlock this game furthermore, since last season it took some time for us to realize that our design(The fork only) wasn’t too right.

I’ve been thinking of about something that would knock the cones over, and then a standoff would go into the bottom horizontally allowing you to get the cone easily. Then, the standoff would pivot upwards and drop the cone into some sort of container where it would fall onto place where a mobile goal is stored. The only problem with this idea is that you wouldn’t be able to score on stationary goals.

I’ve seen so many people worried about tipped cones, but it reminds me of everyone’s fear of hoard bots at the beginning of StarStruck. Sure it will happen, but it’s not so critical as to base your entire design around

I agree, i think that 1, the mobile goals will stop teams because all the point value of those, and 2, the possible 2v1 situation which is almost a guaranteed loss unless you are blocking access to the mobile goals.

Here’s our attempt:

I am interested in what the forum has to say about roller/conveyor intakes. I don’t have a lot of experience with these types of intakes, so I’m not sure if they’re viable. Any thoughts?

@Bobtheblob - 5327B The problem i see with roller intakes is that it is hard to control the orientation of the cones which is crucial for stacking the cones. Also, it is just less efficient than a claw or a passive intake because of the one cone limit.

I think a lot of people are currently hesitant to do anything for an intake involving the use of motors so they can consolidate motors to drive and lift as much as possible. A lot of people saw the effectiveness this past season of consolidating motors to 2 functions and using pneumatics for the rest.

Also what @structural bEaring said about how using motors for an intake to manipulate only one object at a time could seem like a mis-allocation of that motor.

I’m trying to think up something that comes down on the top of the cone (because with my design it will be much more time and space efficient) that uses 1 motor but i can’t decide how to make it work…
A motor that rotates will probably require a complex mechanism to transfr it’s power to a downwards grabber though; I’m pretty close to abandoning the idea…

Don’t give up yet, we have this idea prototyped already. At least the downwards grabber part with one motor works, we don’t have cones yet for a real world test. The plan is to pick up an empty mobile base, upright cone, or tipped cone with the same mechanism.

80 Cones, probably 40-50 for your team if you are winning. It will be fairly hard to get about 40-50 actuations with pneumatics in my opinion, but it’s worth a shot :stuck_out_tongue:

Lol what, i have a system that does 90 actualtions of my top down pneumatic claw, not to mention you cant actually have 80, as 14 of them are bound up in oponent match loads and preloads. So in reality you only have 66 cones you can touch