Intake Talk

We are willing to share some ideas about a full field puncher (22 out of 24 preloads). In return we would like information about streamlining our intake. Right now it is slow and gets jammed, and we would appreciate it if anyone could share some picture or videos!

I can’t stress this enough: Reduce compression on the ball.
It needs to have constant compression as well.
Having a large free spinning sprocket not connected to any axles can help with pulling up the ball if you’re having trouble with that. The consensus in this thread seems to be that the best intakes are elastic intakes are elastic intakes with a second chain stage.

Where would this go, initial intake? Near the ground I’m guessing?

What I did for my robot is use the large flaps and have a huge gap between the base of the flap and the ball (I believe we have about half an inch so that the flap barely touches the ball. Then, I geared it to a 5:1 speed ratio so that it “sweeps” the ball into the intake and into my ramp for my dual flywheel.

I really like doing the intake like this because it really works well with correcting ball-jamming and it doesn’t force the balls in your intake.

If you want photos, I will take a few images on Tuesday. Just let me know beforehand. :slight_smile:

I have turbo motors on a dual rubber band intake for my initial intake with a 2:1 gear ratio, for the upper feeding to the flywheel I have a turbo driving a 3:1. It’s not quite instant but I don’t have four motors to dedicate to make it faster.