Intake through front or back?

Our team has been trying to finalize a design for Spin Up this year and we hit a roadblock. We don’t know if there is an inherit advange through intaking through the front of the robot (That’s where the intake will be shooting towards) or the back. It seems to be easier to just have the back intake the disks to go to the feeder, but we don’t know if designing the robot to intake the same way it shoots is better. Any thoughts?

-Thanks :D!

Take a look at how the discs are positioned on the field and what way you are going to need to launch them towards the high goal. See what is going to more effective, picking up from the side it launches them or the other way, and make your decision on that.


do both, we couldn’t decide which was better so we’re doing both : )

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In my opinion if you have a 90 degree flywheel it should face the front or the sides and if you have a straight shooter it should face the back. This is for the sake of keeping the loading design simple and not overcomplicating it.

additional note

A lot of the early season VEX U reveals have a 90 degree shooter facing forward. It remains to be seen whether this is effective in matches.

hmmm… porque no los dos?

I think it would be too complicated unless you know a simple way to do it.
(Creo que sería demasiado complicado a menos que conozcas una forma sencilla de hacerlo.) - google translate