Intake Trouble

So as you know from the title, I am having Intake trouble with my bot. What I mean by this is when I go to get blocks, they go up the tray, but sometimes the intake locks we use at the bottom will jump. I think this is because my intake that holds the cubes it somewhat facing towards the spinner that brings the cubes in, but it is not that bad angled. Could this be causing us problems, or can we modify the intake locks to fix this? Also, the structure of the arms we use does not seem strong/durable. Just to me, I am not sure if something is wrong or not. If yall need video/photos, please tell me. I will get them when possible. I really would like to see what you think I can do to fix and make it better. Thanks!

Please switch this from a programing category to something more suited to your problem

As for your problem, I would need a picture to give an accurate diagnosis.

a video of your intake failing would be very helpful.

Could you please post a picture?

It is not a programming problem… And I am in General Discussion.

Sure thing. Will get it soon as possible!


I will get it as soon as I can! :smiley:

Exhibit A

That is a tag… It also will help understand what code I use if it comes down too that

Do you have a picture yet

if you are having troubles with it intaking then rolling out over the intake, elevate the arms higher by making a stopper so it can’t go too low.

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