Intake with Zipties

We found this photo and we think we are going to do it for our intake, any thoughts before we build it?

Does it work? That looks like something from an earlier season. If you do decide to make it just make sure it fits within the 18x18. Also seems like this isn’t in the correct section. Should be v5 not iq.


That isn’t a robot from this year. (I don’t think.) It looks like it could be a tower takeover robot. Also, this is the vex iq forum, please categorize the post properly. I would recommend using flex wheels, chains with flaps, intake rollers, or pneumatic tubing for the intake. Horizontal intakes won’t work so well, so you should use a vertical intake.


We know its from a different year, we were just wondering if it would work with the new game this year.

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Well just take a look at it. You know how this year’s game works. Look at it from an engineering standpoint. Those rollers are way too high to pick up the disc. I recommend googling intake options to get inspiration.

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Most teams like to Intake disks while pulling on the top. The intake above could work but you have too keep in mind the 18x18 constraints.


We were just focusing on the gears with the zipties and flappers, not all the other stuff. We were thinking that we could either put them on the side, like on the photo, or we could put them on top. On the top wouldn’t work so well though so we kinda scrapped that idea. If we were going to put the intake on the top then we wouldn’t use the gears.

We were going to lower them

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That’s a robot from Toss Up, which is like 8 years old. The game elements for that gane were balls (Bucky balls and large, inflatable ones), which had a large enough size for that type of intake to work.

Now think about this season’s game. What kind of game elements do we have? Are they large/big enough for side-roller intakes such as that one to work? What would happen if that intake tried to intake discs? Would it be better to have a top roller closer to the ground than 2 side-by-side rollers higher off the ground?

And don’t even get me started on wanting to use that type of lift for this season’s game. I think a quick glance-through of the game manual should be enough to tell you why you shouldn’t.


If you need some ideas that are more relevant, here is a good official vex post that has different intake strategies


I STRONGLY suggest that you do not go forward with doing this design, and instead use omni wheels with rubber bands on them instead or something similar. I would also suggest looking up videos of team’s reveals on youtube in order to find better designs that you could use.


You might want to consider using a conveyor belt or some wheels that spin the discs into the robot.

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