Now I know everyone has been thinking about how to get to the height of 60" skyrise tower. But does anyone have any idea of how they would be picking up the cubes?

side rollers :slight_smile:

Shh we’ve all been thinking it but don’t give it all away

Top roller? Anyone? No…?

I really don’t think rollers are going to work all that well this year… With the huge holes in the cubes I expect they would either lose traction or jam. If anyone’s having success with them, then good for you, but I just can’t see how it would work.

I’m thinking something like a fork lift

Just got my field in yesterday. I’ll post how a top roller works once I can. They’re lighter than i thought.

i think side rollers has potential … top rollers as well,

personally, i would go side rollers with lots of testing … when set correctly apart from each side, the side rollers should work if the rollers being used have enough traction between the object and the roller …

personally, i think anti-slip matt cotted side rollers would have a good chance ! :cool:

but until objects & field arrives, just an idea …

Generally rollers will work with most things…
You don’t need to re-invent the wheel every season.

OK, I am really confused here - how are rollers going to work? If you try and intake something diagonally it’s probably going to jam since the diagonal of the cube is larger, you’ll lose traction completely while going over the empty center of the cube, and then you have to worry about a crazy-long feed tray to hold all the cubes.

Can someone explain how this would work?


Side-rollers will work great for this game. Your intake will have to be able to intake the cube from any angle. That’s what makes a good intake :wink: Yes, if you want to hold 4 cubes your tray will need to be at least 32" long (maybe… ;))

Keep thinking!

I think the biggest problem with rollers will be the exit angle of the cubes. When playing with them and the goals at worlds I found that the cubes generally need to fall out pretty much straight up and down for them to land on the post and actually fall down it. The post is very large so the cubes can get stuck on top very, very easily.

Yeah that’s true, I second this. The intake needs to be able to outtake the cubes alined straight on the posts.

i personally do not believe is keeping ideas but here is what i was basically thinking for an intake

this intake would work with just about any lift setup (preferably linear). Now my version will not consist of any motors on the intake but, with teams that could use this can install turbo gears in their motors for incredibly fast in taking. with the size restrictions, 2 could fit comfortably but it would be possible to fit 3. and maybe 4 with slight modifications. Plus very light weight and simple to build. Well in my opinion.

I noticed that as well. It really will depend a lot on how your tray and intake is designed.

I agree 100% with that. It’s way too easy to just build any old intake, but the cubes having the properties of a square and not a circle, which will make the aligning quite interesting. Most likely, the cubes will be in every orientation on the field after a bit of time, and you won’t have the time to position yourself for every cube, so this is especially important.

I’m really interested to see what teams come up with for this.

for alignment, why not add tread systems along the side to keep it straight? that could be more weight though.

Side rollers seem the best idea right now, but I’m sure some people will come out with some crazy ideas. Without lift extensions, side rollers can fairly easily hold 3 cubes… I feel that holding 5 cubes will be pretty important to completely fill up the high goal.

I feel any type of roller intake will work if it is designed correctly. However other designs will work, and some will work quite well. It all comes down to how much time you put into an intake. Not much time, and it wont work. A lot of time, and you can have a great intake.

I still really think the angle the cubes come off of the tray due to the side roller ramp is going to make them not land on the post correctly.