I see that people are putting on part of the tank tread kit onto their chains for intake systems, and I know that you can’t use glue, what’s the best way to do this?

they snap together the same as chain

I know that, but im seeing that people are putting them on top of chains…?

You can use chain and tread interchangeably. Most people do 5 links of chain followed by a tank tread and so on

is there a way to put the tank tread on top of a chain?

like physically on top?

Why would you ever need to do this? They lock into each other? I’m not sure I follow.

Basically I have two gears spinning next to each other, and I need to put the flappy things on it to grab the balls, I cant just put it into the right one, because then it wouldn’t cover both gears. I realized that I have to put it on the left chain which extends out to turn another gear. But I also can’t attach it into the chain, because that wouldn’t cover the right portion of the intake

I assume you’re talking about the sprockets when you say “gears.” Can you space the two sprockets a little further from each other? If the sprockets must remain there, do they have to be the same size, as a smaller one beside the one with the tank tread might solve it? Photos could help; it took me a little while to sort out what you’re describing, and I’m still not sure I understand perfectly. Plus I don’t understand the use of the other sprocket.

I think I figured it out, thanks anyways


Don’t have access to it right now