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Alright, so we have a comp tomorrow and we don’t have the intakes attaches yet. I don’t build, I program, so I have limited knowledge on what to use/how to attach them. I googled pics, searched the forum, but still have no idea how to attach them to the bot. I’ve posted pics down below of the back of our bot, along with our intake design (it’s not the best design in the world, but it’ll have to work). Any help would be greatly appreciated.
image image image image image
Thank you.


So first make the arms c channel and brace each side. then either put hinges on the channel where you want the intakes, then put the intakes on the hinge. it should allow the intake to go out. allowing you to stack. Then might want to box them in so it doesnt move then rubber band it so it forces the hinges closed but still allow to spread out when stacking.

And make sure each sprocket is equal and straight.


if i had photos of our i will show you what i mean

What my team did was attach them with hinges and having 1/8 inch diameter nylon braided rope pulling the intakes back. We “borrowed “ this idea from one of our high school teams. It has work very well. I don’t have a great photo but here is one


I can take another picture later when I have our bot


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this is our old robot which did well. we changed the trays and base a little but you see the intakes on the arm and below the intakes are the hinges.

or do what @Timturtle did. that would work as well.
let me take a better photo real quick




you see the hinge? thats what we did


Alrighty. I’ll see what I can do. Tysm

Awesome. Again, I have no idea how these work so I’m sorry if this is a stupid question, but are your intakes are attached to your tray?

It is attached by hinges. They are pulled back by the tray going up. Like I said before I will send another photo. I don’t get the bot until about 3:00 am.


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just wondering where is your comp tomorrow? like state wise

I’d rather not say if that’s alright.

alright just wondering as i have states tomorrow

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I clearly see my pfp on that

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I dont really have great pictures, but they are mounted on standoffs, on hinges attached to the arm
This is the best picture I got, sorry.


im not really good with the stcker/trey bots but i do know how to work a dr4b
with my robot i built a glorified claw bot and made a pretty good intake on it with out using the anit-slip stuff
i basically cut two 5x5 C-channels and stuck screws in a plus formation to match up with the indents on the blocks so it grabs it perfectly

Once your intakes are attached on the robot, make sure to test their compression. Because if that is not tuned right then picking up a lot of cubes will be a problem.