Intakes not working

My intakes get stuck on cube 3. We hav a side flip out for our robot

Would it be possible to post a picture of your intake?


Does it slip or stall


what type of motor cartridges are you using? if they’re stalling it means the motors aren’t powerful enough to intake the cubes.
also, while it is good to angle the rollers more flat against the ground, yours could be too angled and could be the reason you can’t intake.
also the cubes need a smooth path up the tray, so if they are hitting seval things on the way up the tray, (or just getting stuck for that matter), consider putting a layer of Lexan on top of the tray.


I’m using 200 rpm. The tray is completely obstacle-free and my right intake is fine but the left is not. @Sam_9364E what do you mean when the rollers are more flat against the ground?

If you had posted earlier, we should’ve had this problem solved, IMO.
The first thing that comes to mind is the L-Channels on the left and right side of the tray. The cubes have to be perfectly aligned to go up the tray, so I would suggest either cutting off an angle “/” on the ends of the L-Channels or bend the ends outwards. In addition, I believe the standoffs that hold the rubber bands look like they have potential to clip the cubes as well. Have a shorter standoff, please.

Make sure the cube doesnt get on the outside of the intakes.
Also how far apart are they?

I looked a bit more at the intake, and it seems like you are only providing one single bearing flat for axle support. I will bet that if I looked at the holes on the bottoms of the C-Channels they will be very worn down. Please add a bearing flat on the bottom as well. You always need two points of contact, not just one.


I guess I didn’t word it very well but this is what I meant:

these intakes are more angled closer to being flat
against the floor ----------------------------------------> these intakes are parallel to the tray

also tell me if this doesn’t look right on a phone screen bc I did some weird spacing


My team built a China style intake and had similar problems. There’s essentially two ways you can fix the problem of not being able to force more than a few cubes up the ramp.

  1. Increase Compression-- You mentioned you had a side flip-out intake, meaning you can control the tension on that with some rubber bands? My team’s flip out is vertical, but I found that strengthening bracing everywhere is generally the best way to go about increasing compression.
  2. Make your intake arms parallel to the tray. It was mentioned that rollers closer to parallel with the ground would make grabbing cubes easier; however, in your case, I feel that you can greatly benefit from an intake that is closer to parallel with the tray. Essentially, it’s a case of maximizing normal force interactions and minimizing the necessary frictional interactions. Intake arms that are parallel to trays are in the optimal position for maximizing the normal force that your intake provides on a cube directed up your tray.

Thanks! @Aditya_Narayanan @Sam_9364E @Connor

I have tried adding and subtracting rubber bands but that barely makes a difference. I can’t make arms parallel or else the flaps will hit the tray. My intakes stop at around 5-6 cubes. It overheats way too fast. I need help, can anyone help???

Nothing is making the cube not go up except the intakes. I have added a small locking mechanism but it barely affects the # of cubes I can intake.

Try switching to 100 rpm cartridges

we tried that and it didn’t have enough torque to push the cubes up

In that case I would say your compression is loose enough to where you could maybe move the intakes in a half inch on either side. If that’s out of the question you should look at bracing your intake arms from their mount points.

Could you send a picture please? Try sending a direct shot of the rollers and tray from the front of the robot.

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