Intakes on hinges moving around

Hello everybody! I am in the process of a rebuild, and when I drive around, and intake, the intakes move on the hinge. They are banded, and they just move back and forth a decent amount. I dont have flipout intakes and I am wondering if anybody has found a solution to this. Thanks!

Forgot pictures:


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Try putting the rubberbands under the rollers so that the standoff on the channel which the roller are on is flipped onto the other side.

So you’re saying the standoff should have the bands on it?

Also a gif/video of it:


Try flipping the hinge around maybe? So it can only fold in and not out

Why make it fold in? The purpose is so they move out when scoring.

Your bands aren’t Stretched enough. Pull them tight all the time, it should be difficult to manually move the intakes.

When I make them tighter, the c-channel twists with the intake. Granted I haven’t gotten to bracing them yet, but that is still not good that it twists it like that.

Ok try moving your bands so that they just want to pull the hinge into the c channel, not so the hinge wants to twist the arm.


Your banding looks ok though, try boxing your arms to prevent twisting

Great idea, however the entire system moves:

And I haven’t seen another way to build it

That banding really shouldn’t be twisting your arms. I have banding almost identical to that, no issues. Maybe try putting more bands on it as see what happens?

Actually thinking about it, I don’t see how the bands could physically apply torsion to your arms… the bands aren’t trying to rotate your arms inwards…

The rubber bands were doubled. Also, the bands pull it to the arm, and it moves the arm with that force

Added a lot of bands, and here we are:
Do note there isnt any bracing on the arms

The best solution I see would be to move where you mount the rubber bands on the intakes itself. You have the stand-off on the bottom c channel, I would suggest putting it on the top c channel and having the rubber bands go behind the tread. This will keep them in tension so that it’s harder to stretch them further. Adding more rubber bands to your current system won’t do much since the rubber bands seem pretty loose. By moving the mounting point to the top c channel, you can remove a lot of rubber bands while also fixing the wobble.

maybe you could add a hardstop to stop it from folding out all the way

Alright update: I got intakes to intake. The hinges still go out. Picture update in the dropdown. No bracing is on yet, but they dont twist the channel(because of less bands). I think that when I add the tray and experiment, it will hinder it from intaking a lot, so if anyone knows a solution other than more bands, that would be appreciated.


Also, is a 1x5 brace on bottom and x on top or just two 1x5s better to handle twisting? The bracing I know is to box arms, and that brace.

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your intakes look like they may be a bit too close together. 5 wide bracing is fine, just maybe box the 5 wide and make sure to use spacer screw bolts to connect it to the c channel.

If I were you I would brace the arms better and hard-mount the intakes.