Intakes overheating

Hi everyone. Today I reduced my compression and I can intake 10 cubes without an issue. After those 10, the intakes overheat, and dont have enough torque to intake them. I was wondering if anyone has experience with this and an idea to solve it?


Is this after a single use after rest?

This is after I use them then try to intake more

you’ve probably just hit your torque limit on your intakes. mine stop at 11 cubes. if you want to do more, you’ll have to slow down your intakes and make them stronger. if you’re using 24t sprockets, going down to 18t would help. but tbh 10 cubes is pretty good.


Thing is, after I intake 10, they overheat. Like, I put down the stack, and they dont have the torque to intake more

What sprocket size are your intakes?

Make your intakes more parallel to the tray and reduce tray friction as much as possible

They are 24t sprockets

Try going back down to 18t. And reduce friction as much as possible

What rpm are your intake rollers, if they are 100 rpm they shouldn’t have any problems, but if they are 200 you’ll prob have problems with 24t.

It Could also be a compression issue where the intake motors are working too hard to hold the cubes in your tray. In that case you would have to increase compression. Or if you have too much compression you can overheat the motors when intaking cubes and you will have to lower compression. There is a small happy medium.


Do you have intake/arm locks? We found those to be the key to high compression with 200rpm intakes without burning them out too quickly. We use 12t sprockets in the front and 15t sprockets in the back, which seems to be a good middle ground for speed and torque with 200rpm motors

that sounds pretty slow. 18t seems to me to be the minimum speed you should have. 24t seems too weak though. fast, but weak.