Hey everyone,
what types of intakes are you guys using? ours in a chain linked flipper idea that works well. How have your ideas worked? we’ve designed over 10 intake designs and all have failed :frowning: UNTIL NOW!

three… two… one…

Top suckers (various different materials but essentially the same) and shovels made of polycarbonate have been tried by our teams. Claws have been used by some teams in our area too.

yes this is similar to our initial ideas. as we have nicknamed them, “scooper bots/spatula bots” we an idea heavily considered until the descoring idea arose. also, clawbots are too picky and one mistake costs valuble seconds when you can only grab one sack per score.

We have also tried multiple top roller intakes. You can find a lot of our testings on our YouTube channel:

I think the Roller Intakes will be popular, and very good this year. It’s working very well for us!

haha ive seen all your videos. i am the one that requested a descoring video to be posted because we were using all the same ideas :stuck_out_tongue: (WHICH YOU STILL HAVNT POSTED! LOL)

thanks for sharing your opinion though.

Oh, hahaha. I am still working on it. We actually had our arm break, so we needed to fix that. We have a meeting coming up tomorrow, so i’ll see if we can get a video of us de-scoring.

We will be practicing driver skills as much as possible (AMAP :p). Hopefully going to get over 200.

I haven’t forgotten though :wink:

We have a pretty well working spatula bot. Have only really had it working for a week or two and without much practice can get about 180 in driver skills. The spatula works really well and our lift is strong and fast. After we qualify for worlds, we will do a release of our robot.

Also, our robot can de-score almost the whole trough in on pass. It is fun seeing about 50 points in a goal and we just drive up and de-score it all.

Seeing the videos on Youtube, our robot looks like it has a pretty good chance of being a top scorer. I haven’t been to a local tournament. Do you guys think that the Youtube videos depict tournaments well?

No, I do not think that. I have seen every VEX Sackattack video I can find and the robots in the videos do not show off competition bots. Some of the better teams do not like to release their robot designs because people will use them, so you can’t use the videos of people showing their robots off to judge what you will be against. The actual competition video is a good start, but every robot is different. You can maybe get a general idea of what you are going to be seeing, but I would not let that depict tournaments well.

i agree with you, TO AN EXTENT… i do believe you are correct, but on the flip side, SOME (not all) teams that are good choose to put videos up so that other teams recognize them when they get to the tournament and imediatly think “oh i know that bot! wow thats the good team! we should draft them for elimination!” so there are two ways to go about a good robot, it is either very secretive, nobody knows your bot until tourny day, OR they share it as much as possible to get their name out.

The past 2 years we have always been kind of “secretive”. This year was our first year as a team, so I wanted to try to get our name out, and for people to see our design and be like “Oh, that’s cool. Let’s try it!”. Hopefully people like our design :stuck_out_tongue:

yes thats right but heres where you’ve gone wrong, a team from new zealand decided to make their name public last year and im sure by now you’ve heard, THEY HAVE A DARN ROBOT NAMED AFTER THEM!! AHA 3 quarters of the robots at the worlds last year were the so called “new zealand bot” because they went overboard with telling everyone. how would you feel if you went to your first tournament and won, seconds tourny, 3 or 4 people were using exact replicas and could do everything you could do, now you get to the world and once in every 5 or 6 matches, ONE team isnt a copy of yours… just dont… dont push it… :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m sorry but… Are you kidding me? Videos of the Robot World Cup got posted on the internet, as videos of competitions often do. A lot of people decided those robots had the best design, and so used that design. No one from New Zealand decided to “make their name public”. Videos of the competition were released, and people saw fit to copy the robots.

I understand what you are trying to say, to not make your design TOO public, but frankly, that was a poor example.

That was a poor example, because if you compete their is a chance it is recorded and put out there. I like what Jesse is doing he is trying to be an inspiration for others who are struggling with this game. VEX is all about learning and he is trying to help new and/or inexperienced learn more about robotics in general. He’s showing them the importance of testing and prototyping. He’s giving them his experienced opinions on certain elements of the game which really helps people out. That is what this forum is all about; the continued learning about the VEX robotics system and robotics as a whole.

Please stop thinking that similar designs are wrong to make. A biology term for this is natural selection; last season at the World Cup the robots were the best at the game because they could the objects from point A to point B the quickest so for the others to compete they had evolve to score just as fast. If the first forms of bacteria didn’t want to improve itself to fit its environments, then everything after that would be gone or just surviving not thriving like today. That is the great thing about improvement, each year the new game comes out and the robots are better and better at that environment(game).

In my opinion the copies that we saw last year were partly because of the game. Gateway had very tough game objects because of their size and weight. This led to very similar intakes because many teams (like mine) had difficulty with the objects and once they saw something that worked they wanted to try something that actually worked.

I dont believe this will happen as bad this year because, even though the sacks are difficult to collect, there are so many different ways you can get them. We will see how this all ends up later in the season but I really like this years game because i can see that there will be alot of diversity in robots, something I really missed last year that we saw alot more of in round up :smiley:

I felt like roboravens post was accusatory towards people who really didn’t deserve to be accused. You know what sucks? A bunch of people using your design that you presumably spent hundreds of hours perfecting. You know what sucks even more? Someone accusing you of showing off your design too much AFTER a bunch of people have used it. I don’t think that’s fair. (Note none of this pertains to me, I did not come up with the so-called “NZ design” and wasn’t using it at RWC).

I wasn’t trying to accuse people for using the NZ design though (I actually switched to it myself after RWC). I just don’t think roboraven’s comments were fair at all.

Additionally, I also really respect what Jesse is doing with his robot this season. Its clear that he’s acting as a real inspiration to some newer competitors, which is awesome :).

I think the proliferation of the NZ design last year was unfortunate. Robots at the RWC were pretty well developed relative to the rest of the world (for clear reasons). In terms of timing, having such a strong design released so early seemed to stifle the creativity of those that had seen the videos. If everyone had gone through the design process completely individually, the variety of designs would have been much wider. Of course, design convergence is inevitable in a community like VEX and with such social media applications that allow success to be shared worldwide, but maybe not as dramatically or as permanently as the release of the RWC robots. I think this year has gotten off to a good start so far and it’ll be interesting to see which designs and variations win out.

It seems like the robots in my area are like robots from last year, but instead of the intakes being sideways vertically they are sideways horizantally…

as all the above stated, inspiration can also help other teams build upon ideas

and if there is a team that copied you and beat you, that just means you didnt spend enough time making your own robot better from the last competition…

thank you for that ^ i suppose you are correct. in a way they are at fault.
as for the other comments above, after reconsidering the way i put it, i beleive your right. i may have put it unfairly. it was not meant to come across that way. it was merely my opinion on teams choosing to not be creative and just lazily replicate someones idea. but yes i 100% agree that inspiration can be caused by someone elses idea. i just dont believe in a total replica. personally, i think its fine to take peoples intakes, or lifts or whatever. its when they take peoples gearing, intake, lift, EVERYTHING, that is rather frusterating to see. VEX should be a creative place for innovators and inventors. not replicators. but dont take my remarks the wrong way. no offense to ANYONE.

I agree. I also believe that any design can always be improved in some way. Taking inspiration from a design is completely different than copying it. I will stand by the fact that I think I really did improve the “NZ” design last year with my pneumatic intake. All I can say is that I hope newer teams (and even veterans) don’t follow the same trends as last year and take designs without thinking them through themselves…