Hi, so I was wondering what are the advantages/disadvantages of the each type of intake: rollers, claw, and passive, which I believe are the only types of intakes (correct me if I’m wrong!!) It seems that rollers are slightly more popular, but as far as I know, rollers are better for match loads while claws makes it easier to collect field cones, though I’m not sure if that really is the case. Also regarding the passive intakes, is there any somewhat reliable intake that does not require lexan?
Tell me what intake you use and why y’all using it!!

Rollers are pretty much just as good as claws for fielding. Do not be using a claw this late in the season unless your team is garbo.

unless you can get a passive active claw (i.e. something like 7700r but you have a motor that allows you to open up the claw and drop it).
Even then…cellar intake?

That’s not really a claw though, I wonder what the proper name for those are.

So I should throw some rollers on my chainbar?


I’ve already been thinking about it. However, I will keep my amazing claw for now.

my team uses a claw but we switched from rollers because they we inefficient

I honestly can’t see how rollers would speed my cycling time up.

It depends on what you use them for, I used to use a claw but when I switched to roller it made loads a lot easier for me

non idea. Using something like 182c/109a’s passive drop-over-top claw would be ok? I think people are turning away from them because of match loads//effeciency//security at a high stack although if you tune it right you can bring the claw down while pulling away which doesn’t really upset a stack at all (we can stack up to 16 cones with a claw like that).

I dunno that type of intake seems pretty jank to me, those teams put a lot of time into perfecting it.

It was most likely the fact that our drivers didn’t know how to drive with the rollers

It really isn’t that much time. I think we spent more time braiding a Goliath than actually cutting the plexiglass, zip-tying it onto the bars, and putting it onto the 4-bar with a few c-channels.

I think rollers are less jank than a claw because you can run it in reverse when you lift of the stack so there’s less chance of the cone being knocked off (like if you have a claw and the lift moves and you catch on an edge), a roller just has to lower down onto a cone, but if you set up your drive for that while you’re stacking it shouldn’t be a problem.

Yeah but with a chainbar…

I currently have a non-lexan passive intake that rivals the consistancy of the 7700r lexan claws, requires less accuracy, and doesnt break. It used to be totally non-lexan but i plan to add some bent lexan on the edges of the c-channels to help funnel the cones. This addition is not necessary and the intake will work fine without the lexan.
Heres the link to what it looks like before I added the lexan:

Its kind of hard to see but there are 2 joints in the arm which is totally necessary to achieve a good release.

I’ve seen teams that use a chainbar with rollers, 8675D is an example of that

we tried this once - we changed it so that there were c-channels going up from the sides so that we could stack on the stationary. Looks hella nice tho

I think that the double releasing passives are weaker than the single releasing passives because single releasing passives require less precision when fielding and the majority of the time, you will be paired with a meta bot that can do stationary.