Intaking problems

Hello my team has a problem intaking cubes. So when we have too little compression we can’t intake past 5-6 cubes. However when we increase the compression by just a little bit the cubes won’t even fit into our intakes. Also how do you guys get your intakes to intake so smoothly? With our team half the time the cubes either becomee crooked or they fall out of our tray, even with polycarbon rails that are 2-3 inches thick.

And also we can’t intake vvery fast for a good auton or a good skills run. So in a game we can’t go for very high stacks.

Pictures of your intake are a must, however if your front sprocket is smaller than the back then the teeth may be grinding against the cube on the back sprocket. We made our sprockets the same size and used grippy tank treads and short flaps.

If your intake is too low to the ground the cubes may tip forward.

Lastly, if the intakes or tray are not perfectly centered, the cube may twist and get wedged against the rails of the tray. We had this problem. Again though, we need pictures.

Edit: what cartridges are you using? It really takes a lot of experimentation,but we can intake 11 cubes with the green cartridges. If you have great compression but not enough torque, run the intake motors by sending 12 volts to them as opposed to setting velocity. This makes it way faster and more powerful.

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I used small metal bars on the intakes that were almost level with the inside edges of the rollers that stopped cubes from twisting.

ok we basically took apart our whole robot for the state championships in LA so i can’t really provide pictures but I was just wondering what might be the problem

Do your intake motors burn out faster sending 12 volts versus setting velocity to 200 rpm?

We haven’t noticed a significant difference, but we are in taking 11 cubes so we have no way of testing for sure right now. Because we use compressed air to cool the motors, as long as we only drive in spurts of 15 minutes we have lost no motors to burning out.

we use torque motors on our intakes

ok. so. are they on hinges?

Use normal pods(green) it is a good balance for speed and strength.

to solve all of those problems my team did these things:

  • Shorter flaps with bigger gears
  • Boxing C-Channels
  • torque motors
  • add posts to the side to stop from bending
  • lifting the front some to get a better angle while intaking
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The thing is that bigger gears would burn out the intake motors faster. Red torque cartridges are also a bit slow, especially at high level play

Yea. I switched back to green though because I just runs to slow and to my surprise they dont burn out but just get a little warn after like 5 minutes of use.