Integrated Encoder Module Help

Hello Vex community, recently I ran into a issue when I decided to use integrated encoder module(Motors with shaft encoders), and I don’t know how to connect it to the cortex and how to define it in the program. From google searches I found out that they connect to the I2C port on the cortex but the cortex only has one of that port. So can I get some help with how to hook it up with the motor and in robotc? Thank you.

Well, I accidentally deleted my post.

You need to daisy chain IMEs:

There’s some length limit for wires between IMEs and inaccuracy, static-y stuff, and too time wasting evilness in using them. In my opinion, though, they are pure evil. Your life will be much better if you use quadrature encoders. But there are some tips for using them. My (and most people’s) advice with using IMEs is to not use them at all. But if you like subjecting yourself to misery, then go ahead (actually, they’re not that bad, but they’re still bad).

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I wrote a how-to article about IMEs:

I wrote another article about why we had an epic fail with them and generally recommend against them where possible:

I wired them up according to the article but only the first motor encoder gives out any value and the other one doesn’t output any data. On top of that the light on the 2nd motor is orange, whereas, the light on the original motor is green. Is it supposed to be like that?

Here’s the info from the VEX Product page “Other Info” tab at the bottom:

So, if it’s not green, then it’s not getting initialized. If you scroll to the 2nd comment in this thread, you’ll see jpearman’s recommendation for walking you through troubleshooting.

I have to say that I personally find the official descriptions of the light on the IME to be rather infuriating; there’s no indication of how to tell the difference between “blip” and “blink”, for example.

Sorry I can’t give you a more helpful answer here; we gave up using them for a reason.

Friends don’t let friends use IEMs

Now I realize what I got myself into. But the problem is that out drivetrain is very small and compact and barely has anymore space for dedicated quadrature sensors. That why my mentor suggested this IEM but he doesn’t know how they work. Also previous teams from my school used them for Nothing But Net for PID controls on their flywheel but they all graduated last year. But thanks for the help. xD

Quick update on the IEM, They are working now, and seems to be pretty accurate with its value. Thanks for all the help and good luck with your robot guys. :slight_smile: