Integrated encoder module problem

I have been having a problem with my autonomous program that I think may have to do with the integrated encoder modules I am using on the drive train of my robot. On the first step of my autonomous program that uses the drive train (there are other things the robot does before it starts driving), the robot drives backwards for a certain number of encoder ticks and then stops and raises the lift. Occasionally, though, instead of stopping and raising the lift, it just continues driving forever. This does not happen very often, but just often enough for it to be a concern. I saw a notice on the integrated encoder module web page about how static shock to the 12C port can cause the robot to behave unpredictably. Could this be causing my problem, and if so, is there anything I can to about it?



Static discharge is a likely culprit for your problem. The following things may help alleviate your problem:

  1. Attach a piece of metal wire or chain that your robot can “drag” behind it that will connect the robot frame to the floor. It is important that the wire or chain is in constant contact with the floor.

  2. Make sure your robot isn’t coming into contact with metalic objects that will allow your robot to discharge static electricity.

  3. Change the surface that your robot is driving on, or try a different wheel material.

  4. Operate your robot in a more humid environment

Let us know if you have any more questions,
VEX Support Staff

OK, thanks.
I can’t really change the robot’s environment at a competition, so I will try using a piece of wire.