Integrated Encoder Module Programming Help

our team wants to use the IEMs to control the positioning of our grabber arms to grab the game pieces…to set them at exact positions ready to grab, grabbing and releasing the game pieces on the opposite side of the fence. We have tried the sample program in the Easyc program and viewed the scidkelly video on youtube which was very helpful. Can someone provide the logic for programming the IEMs? We currently are practicing with the clawbot with 2 IEMs on the drive motors. As a testbed. we would like to write a program that moves the wheels 10 -30 degrees from a set point of 0. and then back to 0.
any suggestions/resources would be helpful.

thanks for a quick reply.

thanks to jpearman’s post with a procedure for troubleshooting the IEMs. It was extremely helpful.
now I an trying to figure out why the sample code isn’t displaying values in the debug window.

thanks again.