Integrated Encoder Problem

After installing the integrated encoder on the motor, our team noticed the axle inside the motor will come out where we just placed encoder gear. We’ve notice this problem for multiple motors, and other teams in our area also experience the same problem as us. This concern us especially this year since motors are running at high speed, and it happened in matches. We think the axle is to short for the integrated encoder caps, if it was a little longer then it will hold in place.

Has this happen to any other teams? Any comments how you fix this problem.

You have to mod an axle from the next stage down in the reduction to fit into the encoder. It’s difficult and annoying but the only way to fix it. You’d think we’d have a replacement part shipped with the encoder by now. Make sure you take the axle from a dead motor that you wont be using, because you cut about 2mm off of it, which makes it unusable in any other situation.

Thanks frogs2345, I will try that method you have suggested. Although, it seems to be a hassle, and teams shouldn’t be going through this. I’m hoping for more teams to reply to this thread , and maybe VEX can consider to do something about this problem.