Integrated Encoder

Can some one help… We are trying to use the vex Integrated motor Encoder to track the rpm. we are hope to set a value in the program and have the motors turn on till that value is reached, and then continue to keep that speed up. Anyone know how to do this? Any code examples??

Use Quadrature encoders. Im quoting Samuel Crouch : “Shaft encoders are much bigger and have more accurate sensors, while IMEs are small an have less precise sensors.”

You will need to program them. What are you using, RobotC, EasyC, PROS, Convex, etc?

How far have you gotten? Have you tried to code them but it doesn’t work, or are you completely clueless?

I will be using RobotC. We have got a very little code so far. I think it would be easiest to start fresh.

Are you trying to make some sort of program to control the speed of your flywheel, i.e. give it full power until it reaches a certain speed and then maintain that speed? I think you should look into a PID or TBH control, here are some threads you can read through to get started:
More general than flywheels:

You’ll be able to find lots more by searching google and adding “” to the end of the term i.e.
robotc pid