Integrated Encoders Not Counting

For some reason, the integrated encoders on our robot will not count. All of them light up as green, as if to indicate that they are working, but I am getting no counting feedback. Any ideas? I need help with this simply because I cannot create a consistent and reliable autonomous code for our team without encoders.

Thanks in advance.

Do they just return a value of 0?

Yes, all I get is a reading of zero from every encoder in the series

We are having the same issue!

From what I gather most everyone “in the know” has abandoned IMEs Maybe we should press for an official tech support response.

Frustrating & expensive

My team has had the same problems. Wait until you turn your cortex on and have it connected to whatever (be it vexNet or your computer), and then try unplugging the wire that leads into the I2C port and replugging it again. It sounds stupid, I know, but it worked for us. If that doesn’t work, then I don’t know what to do.

Hope this helps!

but wouldnt that be a big waste of time to do before every match? or is this only when you need it to be read by a computer?

I wrote a long article on IMEs; jump here to the explanation of what’s happening to the cortex & the code when the I2C is unplugged & re-plugged.

Ok, I don’t know what happened, but they are now counting just fine. Not sure what happened. Thanks for the info anyways.

The IMEs have their issues. When the last one in the chain is giving a double green blink periodically, they will give you good numbers. If the last in the chain does anything else, they won’t. As others note, you can re-initialize the IMEs by unplugging and re-plugging to the cortex. If you are using them in competition, have someone on the team check for that double green blink before you give a “thumbs up.”

This is nice to know & will try un-plug - re-plug the IME

However we find despite all the lights blinking green does not mean it will work!! For us any way…

We need to do this every time we power the robot on. True, it gets annoying, but it takes only 10 seconds or less to do so.

Its that double blink though. The chain must be terminated to work, and the indication for termination is that the last IME does a double blink. This thread has a list of blink codes. The last IME can blink green in two other ways that are fine when seen on all others in the chain, but incorrect when seen on the one that terminates the chain.

Yet another way IMEs screw with your head…

Hugh!?! so many green blinks!!! I’ll guess we’re getting “slow green double blip” - still doesn’t work though

I recommend not using the standard integrated encoders, since they can have many issues, such as two teams last year losing a scrimmage due to static resetting them. Instead, try using the shaft encoders. They are bulkier, but less likely to have problems than integrated encoders.