Integrated Motor Controlers

My team has used Integrated Motor Controllers in the past and I somewhat understand how to program them. However, my team and I would like to use the Integrated Motor Controllers on our drivetrain for autonomous but in testing you have to have PID control enabled in order to use the Move Forward For Target Distance command. This interferes during driver control when using the analog sticks. I was wondering if there is a Move Forward for Target Distance command that doesn’t require PID or if there is a way to enable PID just for autonomous. By the way I use RobotC, Tanks in advance.

You can turn off PID by using the nMotorPIDSpeedCtrl command.
An example to turn on/off for port 2.

// Turn off PID
nMotorPIDSpeedCtrl port2 ] = RegIdle;

// Turn on PID
nMotorPIDSpeedCtrl port2 ] = RegSpeed