Integrated Motor Controller Programming Question

Okay guys, here’s my question: Say I have a 6 or 8 motor drive. Is it possible to program the robot so that it drives via the Integrated motor controllers if I only have one IME per side?

Put another way, can one IME work with 2+ motors?

If so, how so?

I’m using easyC V4

Thanks in advance! :smiley:

is this for autonomous or driver control?



This is a user function i made to control the motors with the IME during autonomous. I have not tried it on a real robot yet, but it works with the regular encoders. It tracks distance of the motors. If it does not work for you come to my table at the next competition were both at.

To answer your other questions it is possible to program your robot with 1 IME on each side of your drive. My team did it last year at the middle, I was not lead programmer then. IME I believe only work with one motor to my understanding. Hope this helps.
program part 1.jpg
program part 2.jpg
program part 3.jpg

Okay, yes, I understand how IMEs can be used like standard optical shaft encoders.
But, I guess I should rephrase my question. My question is more like:

“Can the IMEs be used in “Smart Tasks” with 1 IME for 2+ motors that are geared/chained together?”