Integrated Motor Encoder Help

I’m trying to use the smart tasks in autonomous the integrated motor encoders. However, after configuring the IMEs and defining the motors and initializing the IMEs, I wrote the program to drive at 50 power and only move one rotation. However, when I test it, all of the motors just move in a continuous loop. Can anyone help me with it? I am using easyc.

Make sure you have all the ports setup correctly, and the values and < or > symbols are correct. Also, are the IMEs working correctly, when you move the motors can you see the values changing?

If you post your code people can take a look if there is a problem.

How can I see the values to check and see if they are working correctly?

In easyC there is something called an On-Line Window, it is located under tools, enable it while your robot is connected to the PC and see if the values change when you move the robot.

I also had a similar problem with the IMEs, and we found out that the black/white gear in the IMEs was scratched, and thus the encoder wouldn’t return any value; the robot just kept running when I used any Smart Task, only the timed ones would work.

Also, are you setting your motors back to zero after the while loop? I know that my team got pretty frustrated after that incident…

I was actually able to get them working, thanks. My only problem was that my motor definition was located too far down in my autonomous program, so once I was able to get that moved, my program using the smart tasks worked perfectly.