Intentionally Inverting Flags?

Recently a rare strategy I’ve seen in tournaments is intentional inverting flags, in order to permanently make them not count in the rest of the match. This can be in rare times quite crucial for teams against fast bots since it gets rid of the slightly luck based aspect of the low flag toggle. (It often ends up shifting so much it’s really just luck based who gets the low flags). I looked in the rule book but couldn’t see a ruling on this? Can anyone clarify if perhaps I missed a rule or something or maybe if it is legal?

hmm… I’d never though about doing this before. I see no reason why it would be illegal, although some refs may not appreciate you forcing flags into positions they were not intended to go. adding on to this, would it be legal to knock off the top flags, seeing as a strong hit to the bottom with a ball is all it takes to pop them off the poles?

in the referee training videos it states that intentionally doing that could be a violation of <S1> for field damage.


It’s legal to do once or twice by accident, but it’s illegal to do intentionally as a strategy.

I have been disabled for doing this unintentionally (during skills).

just went to a competition where the refs would pop the flags back into place and issue warnings for this startegi.

popped back at end of match - not during… The flags at that point would be considered scored neutral. I had a team accidentally invert the flag and then proceeded to try to flip it back by repeatedly ramming into it. I warned them and told them to back off at that point. They did.

no, they popped it back during the matches. I only once inverted it unintentionally during auton.

oops - correct procedure is to count it as neutral - neither red/blue based on Q&A.