Intentionally Ram Your Opponent?

Can you intentionally Ram your opponent continuously during a match as long as they are outside of the starting tile?

Yes you can ram them. Things you can not do

  1. Trap them in an area smaller than 1 tile for longer than 5 seconds.
  2. Pin them against a field wall or goal for longer than 5 seconds.
  3. Intentionally break or entangle other robot.s

If only the head ref at my last competition understood this. We had a robot during a QF match that rammed us until our battery fell loose and they got caught on it and pulled it, so it broke the battery. They then rammed our alliance into a pinning position and the ref was never counting for the pin!

Here is what Karthik has to say about pushing and pinning:

Sounds harsh - but it is legal.
If the battery fell, then like what I always told my teams - why didn’t you secured the battery better? :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, it could be argued that it was on us for not securing the battery better than what we had, but it only came out because their robot became entangled with ours causing it to be pulled out. You may have seen pictures I have posted of my robot in the past, but we have decals on both side made of lexan that typically keep everything inside of our robot from falling out. Assuming the battery actually manages to ever come loose from its holder, a decent amount of force would have to actually be applied to pull it up (through the slider rail that secures our batteries) and over the lexan.

The only problem I saw with this situation is that they kept ramming the side where the battery was hanging out, causing the battery to end up broken. So I saw this as a violation of <G12>. It’s kind of hard to not see a big blue battery hanging off of a robot.

I believe it is fine to do this if you do it with your two robots in the field and not against a field element.

You are allowed to have good interaction between robots outside of the loading zone (more than the starting tile) and expansion zone.

But in the rest of the field and when the robot is not along perimeter and the low goal pole, you can interact at speed with the other robots. Ramming them with intent to harm is not good. Intent to disrupt their shooting angle is great game play.

Grabbing wires to make an opposing robot to become inoperable is not cool either. And a bit of jostling makes the game more active and fun. So you should be prepared for this. Please try and secure your batteries and wires as best you can. Vex makes some plastic clips and the extension wires to help get your battery in the best spot possible. Zip tie your wires down too. Use the new connectors on wire extensions coming together.

Intentional entanglement judgments are the referee’s discretion so do your part to make it as clear cut as possible for them. Having wires hanging out there easily dislodged make it tough to say it was intentional.