Interactive scoring app

for the past couple days ive been developing an app to make scoring a match easier



it might be harder to click the posts on smaller screens, you dont have to be dead on though, their “hitboxes” are expanded a bit

click indicator cube at the top left to change cube color
click square at the top right to change auton winner
swipe post to change number of cubes on post
swipe or tap cubes on post to change cube to indicator cubes color
tap skyrise to switch between cube and section mode
swipe skyrise to build skyrises or cubes
tap box in the bottom right to switch which side of the field you are scoring
tap + or - to change the number of floor goals for the color

source code:
poorly signed apk download:

it is made in lua with a game engine called love2d
if you want to run the app on a computer (like i did in the video) you need to install love2d and run in the repo

icons on some of the buttons
menu where it shows the score in big text
reset button
menu that shows what the information would look on a scoring sheet
new icon
animating switching sides

wat? im not allowed to update topic?

added score menu
score menu has reset button in bottom left
animated side switching
fixed mouse getting stuck sometimes

video (on a phone this time):


added score sheet button in the score menu
made skyrise easier to click
some bugfixes

\o/ over 1000 lines!

current TODO:
make score sheet look more like
animate scoring menu
icon on auton button
remembering field through restarts
use back button

networking demo :smiley:

ive expanded the hitboxes of all the posts and the cube color selector
it should be a lot easier to use now, here is a render of the clickable regions:

even on small screens it should be easy to use


animated score menu
field persists through restarts
auton icon
uses back button

current screenshot:


fixed a bug with saving
new icon
limited number of cubes
animated score sheet menu
added beveles to buttons