Interest in Kansas Signature Event


Our organization was wondering if there would be interest to out of state teams for a signature event in Wichita Kansas. It would be located in one of Textron’s conference centers. The event would likely be in January or February. We are unsure of the size of the event, but it would likely be a Friday/Saturday event. The event would have at least 1 worlds spot.

Would you be interested in attending a sig event in Kansas
  • Yes, and we would probably make it too
  • Yes, but we aren’t sure if we could make it
  • Maybe, we would need more details
  • No, we won’t be able to attend under any circumstances

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Also, if there is anything you would want to see in such an event, let me know.


Would this be a high school and middle school event, or would it also include VexU?

The event would be for middle school/high school, but I’m sure we could figure something out to at least let VexU teams run skills, especially if you guys could help volunteer.


Are u planing on doing Iq and VRC?

Just VRC.


I cant believe the outcome of the poll. As a team in nebraska, there have been very few sigs that we can actually make it to. We would for sure go, as many other nebraska teams would too.


So, as of 8/10, 7 forum members said they could attend, and another 20+ who are interested. There may be some timing / travel issues at play:

  • Kalahari is 1/20-1/21
  • Lambeau is 2/2-2/3
  • Girl Powered is 2/2-2/4
  • Mecha Mayham is 2/3-2/5
  • Canadian Open is 2/12
  • NorCal HS is 2/17-2/19
  • NorCal MS is 2/19-2/20

Many events are either open for registration now, or are established enough that teams have an eye on them. Based on the calendar above, probably early January, before Kalahari, would reduce possible date conflicts.

Might consider reaching out to the organizers of the new RiverBots Signature event in Michigan in December. That event filled fast - 40 slots gone in probably less than 24 hours. I’m sure there are teams not on the forum who would love to attend a Signature event.


Trying to think of a nice way to say I can go but it’s Kansas


It’s close-ish to (my part of) Texas which is nice. The only signature event closer (afaik) is haunted but it’s really early in the season. Maybe a Christmas themed event to match the Halloween themed event?

I would try to convince my coach to go.


While we couldn’t get it as a signature event, 67101 is excited to present Air Capital Spin Up Presented by Textron Aviation. The event will be held in one of Textron’s conference center on December 17th. It is open to all high school teams, and it is sure to be an exciting event. With over 50 teams attending, this is the biggest event Kansas has ever hosted. We encourage out of state teams to attending as the event will diffidently be worth a couple hour drive.


The event is now open to registration: