Interesting competition stories?

In my previous post, I talked about a weird/funny incident during alliance selection. That then got me interested in any weird/funny incidents that have happened at some of your competition. Anyone care to share?

This happened at the BEST Robotics competition, one of the teams put their robot on the field it completely fell apart. I felt so bad for them,

Yesterday at competition, someone apparently managed to rip a sink out of a wall, or something to that extent. This caused the school hosting the event to shut down all the men bathrooms, because someone had also stuffed a toilet with paper towels, causing it to flood. They had requested that everyone come into the room where they hosted the competition as soon as I was about to go to the bathroom, so I wasn’t able to go until eliminations whenever I was escorted down to a bathroom by a student from the school.

1st seed team had 13 refusals before somebody accepted. It got very weird and ugly. Never have I seen anything like that.

At our first competition this year, there was a Gatorade that fell partially in a vending machine. People kept trying to get it :smiley: It wasn’t there at the end of the day, so somebody must have gotten lucky.

n5vei, were you at a competition in Mississippi? Because that exact thing happened at a competition I attended Friday the 11th.

At the last competition we had, we went the night before to help set up and practice.
They were trying to hang a large sign from the ceiling:
Brecksville Regional.png

But then, they realized they didn’t have anything to use and had to resort to fishing line… :smiley: