Interesting Find...


the new 3" omni wheels!!!
cant wait to get my hand on some ^^

I noticed those on a picture on JVN’s blog the other day, but figured someone already brought them up here. Glad to see they work!

O.O My loyal interesting-new-VEX-thing finder on our team Nathan just showed me the video… one word: AWESOME! :smiley:


I would love using those. Time to mention this to the team. :smiley:

They looked like omni-wheels, but with that drive configuration, it shouldn’t be able to drive sideways unless those are actually mechanum wheels.

I saw more than four wheels. I thought they were mechanum wheels at first, however later in the video, it does show a side drive.

Here’s the blog post from a whole 11 days before this find. I feel all clever for noticing.

OMG i want to join their club now! :stuck_out_tongue:
they get to beta test all the new hardware! ^^
(or at least the new omnis)
i want a set NOWW!!
its gonna be on my Christmas list from Santa! =D

If you pause the video at the very beginning you can get a pretty good look at the wheels. They are omnis with two sets of rollers. There is a fifth wheel that is perpendicular to the other 4 that will allow it to drive sideways.

I would love to see a set of mecanum wheels though. One of my team members has been trying to figure out if he can make a reliable set out of various VEX parts, but hasn’t tried to actually make them yet. We work out of the basement of my home with very limited tools. If he can get access to some of his FRC team’s tools he may give it a shot.

Keep the new products coming!


This link shows previous work in on vex rebuilt mecanum wheels.

These wheels are only 2" in diameter, with 8 rollers.
It looks like white spacers, drilled out to accept hex-bars, but I don’t know what they used for rubber tread. I’d suggest using Vex shoulderbolts instead of normal bolts as shown.

If you are handmaking some competition-legal mecanum wheels, consider reusing some of the roller parts from 4" omniwheels; they have 24 removeable rollers.
Each of the rollers consists of

  • a removable hard steel axle pin
  • a plastic molded roller body with 2 grooves between 3 ridges
  • a removable rubber sleeve-tire

The hard plastic body of the omniwheel roller has two grooves in it that let the tire squish; this may contribute to high traction, but also likely contributes to high friction when heavily loaded. These two grooves can be filled in with split ‘thin’ 4.6mm spacers,
but it would be a lot of work to split and insert ~200 spacers into the 96 rollers in a standard 4 wheel omnidrive setup.

For the mecanum wheels, do they actually work like they are supposed too?

I have a control system that my brother developed for his thesis that uses 45-degree tilt mecanum wheels…

Also, any thoughts on how to make the wheels larger? Maybe make the rollers larger as well?

I’d love to see some videos of the design in action!