Interesting Parking Strategy

I have seen many teams parking, which is especially useful with the new, lower-scoring games. I even saw one game where 2 teams both parked, which ended up winning them the game by a lot. My question is about the rules of elevation. If one team hangs c tier, and their alliance elevates to A tier after a park, then that wouldn’t be as many as them both hanging a tier. This would give an incentive for teams to hang lower so that the bonus for hanging will be higher among the two teams.

I was wondering if I was missing something with this or if there was some type of rule for this. I also wanted to hear your thoughts on this and how you think this will play out in the future. :thinking:

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I wouldn’t necessarily say that it’s a huge incentive, however, since the difference between two teams on an alliance elevating at the same height and two teams elevating at different heights is 5 points (20 + 15 instead of 20 + 20, assuming both teams are at the highest tier or 2nd highest tier) which is worth the same as scoring one triball in a goal. Also, with how similar elevation is among most teams (e.g., an A-tier elevation driving up the long barrier, a B/C-tier elevation on the horizontal elevation bar), teams usually have to go for one or the other, making both teams on the same tier somewhat rare.

I think this could become more popular over time at higher levels and with some sort of adjustable elevation design so that teams could earn these 5 points, which could make a difference at higher levels of gameplay. For now, though, I find it unlikely that this would be that impactful.

The game manual is your best friend. You can see how elevation is score in SC6.