Intermittent Loss

I keep experiencing intermittent response from the Victors. I will start a match with everything functioning fine. Partway through the match the drive train will stop responding. The weapon system will still start and stop, but the drive train is non-responsive. When I get the robot back to the pits everything works fine (note that I can’t test the system with the weapon on in the pits). The loss of response is apparently random and I am generally unable to reproduce the error outside the arena. It seems that some temporary condition is causing the Victors to stop supplying power. I’m looking for troubleshooting guidance to track down the possible problems. What might be helpful would be a checklist of conditions that can cause the Victors to failsafe. Any ideas???

The Victor will stop working if the input voltage drops too low or you lose the input control signal. Since you only see the problem when your weapon is spinning, you weapon motor may be causing interference. Keep your receiver and control wiring away from motors and high current wiring. Your receiver should not be shielded by metal that would block the radio transmissions. Also, your weapon motor may be causing your battery voltage to drop too low. Try running you drive system on a different battery. Your battery may not have the capacity to start both your weapon and drive at the same time over and over.