Intermittent Red Screen Controller Disconnection

I just got back from watching a tournament this weekend where many V5 teams experienced their controllers intermittently disconnect with their robots. You could clearly see the red screens on the controllers. I’ve noticed my own middle schoolers having this trouble in my classroom. What is the solution to fix this problem?

vexos 1.0.4 should be released in the next couple of days, let us know if that solves the issue for you.

Same problem happened here with us, and we are using PROS. After placing foam on every C-Channel that connects to the brain and vexnet, we didn’t have any disconnect during the semi-finals and finals of our last tournament. (This could’ve been luck as well but I’m not sure) This probably may be a static issue but I don’t know.

Yeah. Ours disconnected in the last 15 seconds of finals and probably would have caused a 9 to 12 point swing. Unfortunately, it wasn’t match affecting because our auton didn’t work perfectly.