internal error

Can anyone please assist me?
how do i resolve the below error:
[FONT=inherit]Compiling failed, internal error: Internal error: jsbuild_worker.VexIQBuilder is not a constructor.[/FONT]

This error looks like it’s from Robot Mesh Studio (Flowol/Blockly/Python) programming. This was an issue with one of our webservers serving the wrong version of a support file. It’s now been fixed. If you Refresh the page in your web browser and re-build/re-run then this should be fixed. If you still continue to have issues, hold Ctrl and press F5 to refresh the page while clearing the local cache.

Sorry for the inconvenience. If you need further assistance, please let me know what platform (PC, Mac, iPad, Chromebook etc.) and which web browser you’re using (Chrome, Firefox etc.).

Best Regards,
Anthony - Robot Mesh

tndte result oct 2017